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If you know of the Mexican Riviera, also called the Mexican Gold Coast, then you are likely familiar with a wonderous slice of this region called Costa Alegre - the Happy Coast. Costa Alegre stretches North from Manzanillo to Puerta Vajarta, winding through a collection of smaller communities like Barre Navidad, Melaque, La Manzanilla and Boca Iguana. The area is also home to several exclusive 5 star resorts such as the Grand Bay Resort of the Isle Navidad, El Tamarindo, which also was voted one of the world's top golf courses and the incomparable community of Costa Carayes. Opportunities for fishing, diving, snorkeling, surfing, golfing, horseback riding, and nature trail hikes abound. (links below) - Grand Bay Hotel and Golf Course Tamarindo golf course

Nestled comfortably in the center of this region, near the small town of Arroyo Seco is 10 acres of stunning beach front that we call Las Brisas because of the cool afternoon breeze.

Our names are John Lindseth and Roberto Vargas. We are not developers or real estate professionals. We are interested in one thing. Establishing a wonderful oceanfront getaway for ourselves and a few select others who share our vision. Candidly, this vision is not for everyone. You won’t find cabana boys or margaritas on demand. You won’t be shut off from the local people and the real pacific coast of Mexico in a North American enclave. What we offer is a stunning and remote beach, incredible ocean and lake views, and nighttime skies that will take your breath away.

At the top of our hill will be only eight homes with stunning 180 plus views. Around our small lake will be eleven cozy one- two bedroom cabanas. All will have open air architecture to help savor that cool afternoon breeze. Fishing, swiming and surfing fun begins at your front door at our Beach Club.

Coconuts, bananas, mangos, and papaya will be available for the picking. Incredible local seafood will be available from the local fisherman - extra emphasis on the word local!

You will experience sea turtles laying their eggs on our beachfront. See a mother whale and her calf playing in the ocean. You will sit on our beach or in your hammock in the evening and wait for the magical green sunset flash of light that occasionally presents itself.

For the golfer, two of the finest courses in Mexico are within an easy drive. Tamarindo and the Grand Bay. If this sounds interesting read on…..

If you are from North America you typically first visit places like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta or Manzanillo. Nice places to visit, but in so many ways just extensions of the type of resorts one finds in Phoenix or Palm Desert experiences. We are not trying to replicate those experiences.

If you have vacationed or traveled in this region of Mexico you realize this picturesque area is far removed from the violence near the border. We don’t do it on purpose but sometimes forget to locks our doors but never panic or worry about our neighbors because they are your friends. You can never say never but we feel as safe here as anyplace in North America We will have a full time caretaker who will reside on premise but if you insist on a minimum wage guard out front then this may not be the place for you.

We checked out parcel after parcel of undeveloped land and were always scared away by the title issues. Many horror stories to say the least It was only through the efforts of Roberto Vargas the former Director of Forestry for the Mexican National Government and co-owner and fellow resident of Las Brisas that we were able to secure this incredible piece of property and obtain private title.

It took us six years and a very detailed process to finally obtain the clear title but now we are excited to move forward with developing our 10 plus acre piece of paradise and hope you are interested enough to take the next step.

Browse our website ( we are not pro’s at this either and the site is not yet complete) and get a basic understanding of what it is we are presenting. If you remain interested please contact either John Lindseth in North America or RobertoVargas in Mexico.

You will find
Resident caretaker and family to take care of the grounds and provide security.
Fresh water pond with shrimp you can scoop up and take home for dinner.
Shuttle service to and from the Manzanillo or Puerto Vallarta airports which offer regular service from North America.
Satellite TV, and internet services.
Underground utilities and our own reverse osmosis purified water system.
Palm trees, tropical flowers, coconuts, papaya, mango and bananas for the picking.
Our own organic vegetable garden.
Private beachfront with a fresh water pool and BBQ facility in a tropical garden setting.
Private title land
Tennis/sports court.

Welcome to Mexico's Gold Coast!

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